Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yeah... it's PICTURES!

Just what you all have been waiting for: PICTURES! There's a bunch, so make a pot of coffee while you have the time!

Back so soon? OK, here we go:

Here is the Kitty Hat that the delightful Suzanne made just for me!

Ignore the dishes in the background. :-) The picture isn't the best quality because I had to use my cell phone to get it. It's the only way I could get a pic of myself. I love the hat, though. It almost makes me a little sad that winter is on its way out. Almost.

And here is the famous Jayne Cobb hat! Just like the one from Firefly!

I'm modeling it because Greg is sleeping. That's why it looks a little big. It fits him perfectly.

And here is a little bit of what I have been up to:

This is a cell phone cozy that I made for one of my coworkers. It is hideous. This picture was also taken with a cell phone, so the colors aren't that great. The true color is this terrible pink with sparkly yarn. The color of a Tab can. I made this up as I went along. Has a belt loop. Needs a bigger button on the front.

For some reason it is a hit among a couple of my coworkers. It started with a cell phone "sock" I made for one of my partners. Then Stacey (the one modeling the snazzier version above) wanted one. She has lost or broken 3 $200+ cell phones in the last year. Her fiance asked if I could make something that would keep her from losing this one. So I came up with the Phone Cozy 2.0. Now the partner who got the sock wants a new one. Thankfully, they are easy to make and the yarn was free!

And here is my knitting progress:

It's going to be a scarf. A rather wiggly scarf. Greg keeps trying to make me feel better and tell me that it's pretty strait for a first time knitter. It's all knit... garter stitch. Just trying to practice, get the hang of this knitting thing.

Here is the yarn I bought for my Secret Pal spoilee:

It's a homespun, hand-dyed yarn I got on Etsy. My spoilee says she likes flame colors. This yarn reminds me of the campfires we have at the annual NIPA campout. Especially after we toss a "firestick" or two in.

I also sent her some Bert's Bees hand lotion and some Lindor Chocolate Truffles.

K.C. doesn't get her picture in here very often... for good reason. She doesn't like having her picture taken. See how she is trying to destroy my camera with her laser-beam death-ray eyes?

She doesn't want me embarassing her by making jokes about how fat cats do not belong in small shoe boxes. She loves to squeeze herself into the box and sleep there.

And here is Zorro, showing the world the cuteness of a fat cat belly.

He is trying to mimic his daddy, being lazy, lounging on the couch. I think he has the remote hidden under one of the cushions.

OK, that's all I have. I was going to take a picture of the demon-tote-WIP, but there's not much more to report. I've started working on it again, but I haven't gotten too far. I'm going to try to get a bunch done on it this weekend.
G'nite, everyone!

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GaiaGal said...

Aww,look how cute you are in your kitty hat!! I love it! I really like the band of seed stitch.

Your scarf is looking great!! Go you!!