Monday, August 13, 2007

New patterns?

So, exactly when does a pattern that you are using become your own? As in, how many changes do you need to make before you can claim that it is your own original pattern? I have modified a few patterns, mostly because I believe that the instructions were wrong.

I found a delightful shawl pattern that I started working on in one of the Jiffy yarns. But, I didn't have as much of the same dye lot as I thought I had, so I put it aside, probably to get frogged at a later date.

I didn't have any more bulky weight yarn, which the pattern called for. But I did have this wonderful "vintage" mohair blend that Greg found at a yard sale a couple of years ago. It's closer to baby weight, so there would obviously be a gauge issue if I decided to use the pattern as written. So, I changed hook size to something smaller, added more stitches, added more rows, and changed some double-crochets into trebles. I'm about half-way done (I will post pics later when I finish), but it's already looking more gauzy and delicate. It still looks like the original, in a way (at least to me), but the gauge is completely different, and the pattern has definitely changed. But is it mine yet?

Whether it is or isn't, I need to get back to work on it. TTFN!

Monday, August 06, 2007


I got my invite to Ravelry. Yippee! This is just what I needed, another time suck. :-P

I didn't make to Lollapalooza on Saturday or Sunday. I was too sick. Still sniffling a bit, but at least I am no longer running a fever. I spent most of the weekend on the couch, watching TV and attempting to crochet. I made a choker that should have taken me an hour at the most but instead took me 3 or 4 hours. I really don't like the way it looks, but I will post it here to get comments from the peanut gallery.

I do have a few photos for you all...

This is a picture of Deb after she was turned into a zombie. Actually, it is Deb and Julie on the losing side of a Kubb game. I'm not exactly sure why she looks like that.

And this is Deb making the campfire go "whoooooosh". I don't know why I seem to have so many pics of Deb. Maybe I'm subconsciously trying to steal her from Suzanne.

This year, at Lollapalooza, there was a big push to make the festival as green as possible. There was recycling, and biodegradable cups and TP, low-emission lighting rigs, and even solar panels:

She was sparkly. That's the worst part of missing Lolla... missing all the people watching.

I did get to see one band that completely rocked. At least in my opinion. I captured one of their songs on my camera. The sound sucks and the video isn't that great either. I'm still learning.

OK... I have some stuff I need to do that doesn't involve a computer. I will try to get back and post more camp out photos later. I might even have one or two of Suzanne!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I know, I know

I haven't posted in a while. Had the awesome camping trip with NIPA (and got to see Deb and Suzanne!!!!!), then had to read HP&tDH, then had to go back to work. Damn work.

I am supposed to be going to Lollapalooza this weekend. I am volunteering, so I get into the concert for free. Yay me! Right now, however, I am developing a cold. I thought it was just my allergies, but I took my meds, and took some extra, and now it feels like a cold. Grrrr..... I am going to spend the day taking cold meds and doing as little as humanly possible. I really don't want to cancel this weekend.

I have been crocheting, I've made quite a few wash cloths and I am working on a Goddess tote done in filet crochet. It's about half done. I will take pics as soon as I am finished with it. I will be selling my cool stuff at Pagan Pride Day, so come on out if you are in the area.

OK, I need some more drugs and some sleep. I will post pics later. I promise!