Monday, February 26, 2007

Blessing gown ideas

I have an idea for the baby blessing gown, and I would like some feedback from those who know more about pattern-making than I do.

I'm thinking of making a onesie, and then making a detachable filet skirt. Both would be made out of cotton (8? 10?), probably in green. I'm pretty sure that I can make a trapezoid-shaped skirt that I could attach to the onesie with small buttons. Near the edge, I would incorporate a pattern created from a series of runes that Kris made out for me. In the rest of the skirt, I can insert pentacles, crosses, or moon symbols.

Then, after the blessing itself, the not-very-practical skirt can be removed for whatever festivities follow. Whether we conceive or adopt, we plan on having a rather ceremonious baby blessing/naming.

It seems that I am more concerned with the end-results of expanding the family, rather than the matter of how we are planning on doing it. But, I believe in sympathetic magic and magical thinking. Work the magic and get in the mindset that what you wish will happen. I am taking care of the mundane aspects. Seeing my doctor and enlisting his advice, putting money into the savings account, working on a functional budget, trying to get our house in order. But, I need to do the spiritual, religious stuff as well. And this gown is part of that.

OK... I need to do some other crochet stuff. I'm STILL working on that frickin' tote for Greg. My newest goal is to have it done for his birthday!

Friday, February 23, 2007

A tad distracted

I keep meaning to update you all on my crocheting adventures, but I've been a little scatter-brained. My dad's most recent doctor's appointment shows that the cancer might be growing again. The mass in his lung looks like it might have grown (or it may be scar tissue) and he has smaller "nodules" throughout the same lung.

So he's back on chemo, and the doctors say that it's mainly to maintain his quality of life. Radiation and surgery are not options. When the chemo starts to make him too sick, he'll come off. If it starts to grow again, he might not go back on.

I had to go today to plan for his cremation. He and my mother are not married, so I am his next of kin. He can't afford the funeral expenses, so I told him that Greg and I would handle it. Since he lost his job, he has lost his benefits and his life insurance.

I'm going to try to start posting more regularly. I'm still looking for a good "Christening" gown pattern that is appropriate for a boy or girl and can be adapted to incorporate a few symbols of both Greg's and my faith. If anyone has some ideas, please let me know!

I need to get going, have to work the back half of a shift tonight. Too tired... grrrr...

Monday, February 12, 2007

I guess I lied a bit...

Apparently, I won't be off-line for too long. In fact, I am on right now. And not on the Goddess-forsaken laptop which I loathe. Greg put the computer back together with its old part while we wait to find out what is wrong with the new parts. I don't have all my programs on here, and don't feel like putting them all back if I'm going to have to do it again in a week or so. So... no pics for a while.

Which is a shame, because I got my final package from my secret pal... who is still a secret! But, she sent me some very nice Ostara-colored yarn, some good-smelly body scrub and mask, and a sachet that smells like vanilla. And an awesome crochet hook. It's a wooden one with a lathe-turned handle. Very, very pretty. Will get pics as soon as I can.

My postman is going to have a rough week. I have ordered many things online over the last week or so, and all of it should come this week. I've got my order from Eddie Bauer today (a jacket for Greg and a sweater and cardigan for me). I'm expecting some books from Amazon, tickets to a concert (my Valentine present to Greg), and some oils from Magickal Realism (everyone should go there and order stuff. It is smelly and good! And natural. And made by Kris's sister!) Actually, the oils will probably come in a week or so.

For now, I must go and cook dinner and do some cleaning I promised myself I would do today. Grr... hate cleaning. Hat, hate, hate!

Later, all!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

And the winner is...

ME! Yeah! I won the chili cook-off! I get my name on the Chili Cook-Off plaque in our parish hall. Mine was the spiciest chili there. I didn't think it was that hot, but apparently it more so than the others. Of course, voting is done by placing money in the jar of the chili you like, and cheating is encouraged. So I put $20 in mine. ;-)

I'm still working on remembering what I put in it, so I can put it online. So, until then... keep warm!

Friday, February 09, 2007

No innerwebz for me

My husband broke our computer. He claims he was "upgrading", but the result is no computer. We have a laptop, but it doesn't seem to like being hooked up to the cable modem, so I am limited to internet acccess. Right now, I am sitting in Panera Bread, using their free online. After paying what I did for the soup, sandwich, and mocha... I'm not sure how "free" it is.

So, I won't be getting on very much until the home computer is fixed. T his is very difficult for me. I am usually online nearly every day, even if it's just for a minute or two to check my mail. I have 2 blogs that I post fairly frequently to, and 4 email accounts. Plus, tons of friends that don't live close enough for me to see on a regular basis. How else am I supposed to see how they are doing?

In other news, my package arrived in Germany. My pal seems pretty happy with the gifts. Her kitties seem very, very happy with the toys. I signed up for SP10. I'm hoping to actually knit something for my next pal. We will see.

Also, I got my new washer and dryer today. It's not the Kenmore. It's a really nice Maytag set. And I had to get white. Because they had the floor models for a couple of hundred bucks cheaper and could deliver today. Which meant one less trip to the laundromat for me. But I'm ectstatic. There is supposed to be drumming tonight, but I might just stay home and do laundry.

Finally, I am entering our church's chili cook-off (which is Sunday, for those who are close enough to stop by). I've already made the chili, and the hubby says it's the best I've ever made. Just hot enough to be spicy, enough flavor to be yummy. I have a tad more tinkering to do with it (I think it needs more meat, hubby says he thinks it needs more tomatoes), but I am letting it sit in the fridge for a couple of days to make it taste better. I will be posting the recipe (as soon as I remember all of it) later on, whether I win or not. I'm calling it Brigid's Sacred Imbolc Chili. I figure, it's red,(an Imbolc color) it's hot (and Brigid was the keeper of the sacred flame, if I remember correctly, as well as patron of smithies), the ingredients I have put into it are in threes (including red, white, and black beans), and it will be served with sour cream (dairy for Imbolc). And it has Guinness in it. Which is Irish.

So, wish me tons of luck at the cook-off. It's not a fair competition, and there is lots of cheating... but, it's fun nonetheless.

Take care, all. See ya when I see ya!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not safe for work!

Yeah! The Anticraft has updated! WOOT! And, as usual, there are very cool, but strange things to make. Like this! I might make one. I might make many and give them as gifts. Hehehe...

Actually, it could be useful for my altar on Beltaine. LOL....