Wednesday, November 29, 2006


A certain Scattered Gemini informed me of this. She knows how much I love memes. So, I am helping this kid out and posting his little project to all my blogs. I think you should to. I mean, really, what's the harm in it? I would really like to see how addictive these things are anyway.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I <3 my Secret Pal

OK, here are the pics I promised! What a wonderful Secret Pal I have! What great goodies! I hope she's having fun on her vacation!

The pictures aren't that great. Lighting inside my house is terrible, and I could really use a new camera. Here ya go anyhow!

Here you have a some delicious cookies and some very yummy candies. I'm supposed to be dieting, but calories ingested from gifts from secret pals don't count, right? She also included a postcard book of Perth. Beautiful pictures. I want to visit!

I also got some smelly soap that smells wonderful, along with a bath mitt and a butterfly-shaped bath "pouf". And pumpkin candles! Aren't they cute?

And finally.... YARN! Glorious yarn! Lots of yarn. In many shapes and sizes. The ginormous balls are soft and fluffy alpaca. I have no idea what on earth I'm going to make with them. The pastel variegated is microfiber. I think I might have enough for another sweater for my niece! And the black and white is a soft, fluffy acrylic. I think I might make slippers or mittens with those. Greg was wanting some mittens.

In other news.... I'm pregnant. We are still waiting until we find out if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I have blogged about this extensively on my non-crocheting blog. Some of you might not be able to access it though, because the post is friends-only. To make a long story short (for those who do not know that story), I might not be able to carry a child to term due to some circumstances regarding my anatomy. I have a doctor's appointment on the 11th to find out what's going to happen. I'm scared and anxious and impatient and practically every other emotion that I can muster. I hate waiting. I hate suspense. I hate drama. Grrr....

OK... off to watch TV and work on a version of my felted purse just for me. I should be making gifts for others, but I'm feeling awfully selfish today! :-)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pictures galore!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I got to spend time with my favoritest people under 4 feet... my niece and my nephews. I sat at the kids' table because I seem to get along much better with them than I do most of the adults. The conversations are far more interesting.

I have been a hat-making fool lately. I think I have finished about 6 hats in the last 3 weeks. That is a FO record for me, I believe. I have pics of most of them, but before we get to those, I have another kitty photo!

This is Zorro, the beastly kitty. It was early in the morning and he wasn't quite awake yet. He was sleeping on top of me, all 20 pounds of him! He is the sweetest cat, loves everyone and everything.

For some reason, I can never get photos to appear on here in the order that I want them to. I was going to put this next photo last, but forgot to add it first. Now it is too much of a hassle to change it around. There's a bit of a story, though. I crocheted a lovely sweater for my niece. First attempt at a sweater with actual sleaves and all. She loved it (you can see it farther along in theis post!) but was upset because she didn't get a hat. Papa Larry and both her brothers got hats, she wanted one, too. In purple. Since they were only going to be up here for the weekend, and I didn't have time to go to the store and get more yarn, she ended up with purplish blue and green. She seems to like it anyway.

Isn't she cute? She looks like a little angel, but she is a demon child. I have nicknamed her Lupa because I am convinced she is being raised by wolves. When I commented on this at Thanksgiving dinner, she started howling. :-)

This is another hat I recently finished:

This is one of my coworkers, Karla. She saw me working on the cammo baby hat with ear flaps and asked if I could make one for her. Of course I can! She was kind enough to model it in payment for my efforts.

And here is my father's new hat and scarf:

He, on the other hand, was not so happy to model it for me. :-P

This is the true love of my life... right after Greg. My nephew Alexzander. When he was 3, he told me that he was going to marry me. Every time he sees me, he runs full tilt and collides into me with the biggest bear hug a 5-year-old can manage.

He loved his hat, but says he wants a sweater. In red and blue. These kids are very demanding.

And now.... what you've all (three) been waiting for:

Lupa's sweater! She didn't want to take it off. I wouldn't let her wear it during dinner, but she wore it the rest of the night. She loved it and loved the daisy buttons and everything else about it. She is too adorable.

And last but not least:

My littlest nephew Brendan. He has a hat just like his big brother. He looks a bit shocked by all the attention. His mom's a tad camera shy.

I got my package from my secret pal! She's in Australia! I was wondering why it took so long getting here! It was filled with all sorts of cool goodies. I will try to take pics on Tuesday and get them on here. I still need to think of some cool stuff to get my pal in Germany. I'm going to make her some kitty toys, and I think I'm going to get her an ornament from the Art Institute. They sell little replicas of their lions as ornaments. They are cute and very "Chicagoan".

That's all for now. It's late, but I am not tired at all. I work tomorrow, but I think I'm going to go and crochet and watch some TV.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Lion Yarn

I knew there was a reason I subscribe to the Lion Yarn newsletter. Normally I hate having "spam" flood my inbox, but today's newsletter might have made it worth it!

Because of this and this. ::giggles::

Found the camera cable

I still need Greg to take a pic of me wearing my skirt. We've been busy lately, and it tends to slip my mind. I do have a couple of photos, though.

This is the package that I sent to my secret pal. The pics of it that she posted on her blog are much better. Maybe I'll link to it when this is over.

And this is my eldest kitty, Morganna. AKA Ms. Prissy Butt. She was posing and trying her darnedest to look cute last night. So I grabbed the camera and she decided that she would look evil instead.

OK... that's all for now. I have to grab a bite to eat, then I need to go grocery shopping. I should have pics of the sweater I am making my niece soon. I just have a sleave and a half left, then the finishing.


Monday, November 13, 2006

No pics

I wanted to post pics of stuff that I am up to, but I can't find the cable to upload the pics to the computer. Grrrr....

My first package reached my secret pal in Germany. She seems to like everything. I took pictures of all of it but...well... you know. I sent her some chunky alpaca like my one skein pal Mel sent to me. And some vanilla-scented smelly soap and lotion from Bath and Body Works. I wanted to send her some pumpkin and spice body butter, but I didn't know if she would like how it smelled. I don't know if she had ever smelled pumpkin, living in Germany and all. And pumpkin seems to be one of those scents you either love or hate.

I also sent her some Fanny May candy... Meltaways and Pixies. Mmmmmm.... And a cute little card with a kitty on it.

As for my own stuff, I finished a hat and my dad thought it was too small. So, I gave it to my mom and bought some more chunky yarn and made a bigger hat and a matching scarf. I'm going to give it to him tomorrow. I'm still working on a few differet lap blankets, and I have started a sweater for my dinky niece. Greg wants me to make him a hat like the one Jayne gets from his mother in Firefly. It's a knit pattern, but there is a pattern out there to crochet it. Or I might just teach myself to knit once and for all so I can make this hat! Maybe not.

Oh well, I need to make dinner and think about getting to bed early. Maybe I'll work on the sweater a bit more. Later!