Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Hat Day!

I really need to get the whole photo thing working on this darned computer. I have so many photos to share and no way to post them here. Grrrr...

Sunday, I met with a couple of friends in our own version of a Stitch and Bitch. Not an officially sanctioned meeting, just a few of us getting together for coffee and kvetching and working with yarn. It was fun. Time flew by faster than I could imagine. Unfortunately, the knitting I was doing did not fly so well. In the two and a half hours, I maybe was able to complete 10 rows, which added up to a couple of inches. If I was crocheting, this scarf thing would be done. It's just 30 stitches across on size 10 needles (I think), worked in garter stitch. I might finish it before I die.

I received a present from Suz in the mail. She made a Jayne Cobb hat for my hubby, which I knew about. The big surprise was the lovely kitty hat she made for me! Thank you so much. I will wear it this weekend when our glorious spring weather turns back to winter for a few days. I promise... there will be pictures.... eventually!

OK, going out to dinner soon with my family. I will post more later!

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GaiaGal said...

Heehee! Glad you liked the kitty hat!

Is it that your camera isn't able to connect to the PC? Or do you need a place to host your photos? I use Flickr.com and love it. I even had to let my Pro (paid) account lapse for the time being and it's still just as wonderful using the free version!