Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Adventures in Knitting

So, as part of my break from the now-hated zombie tote, I decided to try the knitting thing. I am mostly teaching myself drom the SNB book, with some "helpful hints" from Greg. I prefer to try a gazillion times and fail before asking for help. He wants to share his knowledge with the world. Can you tell which of us was a science major and which was a secondary education major? LOL

I already know two things. One... I am pretty sure that I like crocheting more. Two... I'm a "left-handed" knitter. I think that the reason I knit "left-handed", or Continental, is because I crochet. I tried the other method that involves holding the yarn in your right hand and all that jazz. I ended up with a tangle of yarn that wouldn't stay on the needle or worked hard to be a knot (would that be a-frayed-knot? Sorry...).

Holding the yarn and the needle with the yarn on it with my left hand and moving the empty needle with my right hand is closer to crochet. It feels more natural, and I might even be able to produce something that looks knitted.

So far, I suck. I know how to cast on. My tension isn't so great, and the yarn keeps falling off the needles. And I cast on too tightly, but I knew I would do that. I have a tendency to chain too tightly as well. Right now, I am casting on using two needles and removing one when I am ready to practice.

I'm not sure this knitting thing will ever replace my love for crochet. After over 6 years, my favorite part now is being able to watch TV while I crochet, not having to pay too much attention to what my hands are doing. Unless it's a fricking tote bag for Greg... grrrrrr....

ETA: Purling sucks... and my hand is crampy.

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pinky-yin said...

yah! knitting :) hang in there
i tend to cast on too tight as well....what i do is to case on a bigger needle .... then start knitting with the specified size... works all the time for me :)
happy knitting