Monday, May 28, 2007


My SP10 hostess has asked us to post about our oldest WIPs. She also mentioned taking pictures of the blasted things, but I am refusing to take any pics until the new camera comes in. Which is supposed to be Thursday. This old one just pisses me off anymore, and I can't take it. Especially after using my mother's for a couple of days. The color difference is unbelievable.

I might relent and post some pics on Wednesday if the weather is nice and I have time.

I'm not sure what my oldest WIP is. When does it officially stop being a work-in-progress and become a UFO? Is there a certain amount of time when you realize that you will NEVER even attempt to finish said project?

I would have to guess that my oldest WIP is a baby blanket that I started for my niece's baby. I started it sometime early last fall. The baby is 5 months old now. I might go back to finishing it. It was the sock monkey blanket from the Happy Hooker book. Unfortunately, the yarns I got weren't exactly right, and I didn't actually read the directions, and I never could get the hang of making the monkey heads.

I also have the blasted tote that will someday be finished, felting and all. I used the wrong yarn on one of the stripes of the bag, so I had to take out another 10 rows to fix it. And now, I'm not exactly sure which hook I used. I really need to get a small notebook for my bag so I can keep track of my projects, the types of yarn and the size hook. Maybe I could use that lovely little book that Noodle Girl gave me. I could even put swatches in it. OK... I could barely type the word swatch without busting out in laughter. As if I would ever swatch! Where's the fun in that? It's almost unsportsmanlike!

SP10 will be drawing to a close soon. I need to get the last-minute goodies I want to send my pal... I was thinking of ordering some yarn online, but I think I might just go to my LYS and get her a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. It is so soft and comes in lovely colors. Hmmmm...

Alrighty... off to bed. Later, peeps!

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