Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SP10 contest

My hostess has a contest going on where we are supposed to post about where we knit/crochet. I was going to put all sorts of pretty pictures, but I borrowed my mother's camera to "test drive" it, then realized I have no way of getting those pictures from the camera to my computer. My mother did not include the cable when she loaned me the camera. I'm not sure she even knows that there is a cable. Hi, Mom! (in case she is reading this!).

So, here is the post without pictures. Most of the time, I crochet (and once in a while, knit... the same scarf I am practicing on) on a couch in front of the TV. Either at home or at work. If I am at home, I also have an 8 pound ball of fluff sitting on my knee. Morganna likes to keep my right knee warm while I crochet. Occasionally, she'll help keep the yarn properly tangled.

When I have the time, I pop in a TV series that I never had a chance to watch when it actually aired, and I will crochet through a season of TV shows. Or, I watch whatever movie that "accidentally" wound up in my Netflix queue. Not sure how Katherine Hepburn films end up in the mailbox. Greg is threatening to sue. :-)

Not terribly exciting. Not very original. I crochet while I watch TV. But there is more...

A number of us bring our knitting/crocheting to church. It was quite the scandal at the beginning, so we asked the minister if he minded (since, really, he is the only who should be able to see us). He said he would rather see us knit than sleep during his sermons. It helps that many of us are making lap blankets for nursing home residents, or mittens/scarves/hats for the Christmastime mitten tree. So, it's charity, at church. And it keeps our hands busy so we can actually pay attention to what is going on.

AND... I often keep small projects in my purse, like dishcloths and baby booties. At least, when I don't have a book to read or I am going to be spending time with someone who will be interrupting my reading.

OK, that's it. I need to go and take up my spot on the couch. Greg bought me seasons 1 and 2 of Red Dwarf for my birthday!


Scattered Gemini said...

Ok. Two things.

1. What the heck is "Red Dwarf"? I'm only asking because some blogger i ran across recently realesed a free sock pattern called by the same name. Hmmm.

2. Oh, crap. I'll email you this one. I dunno why, just because!

Pagan Hooker said...

Didn't you click on the clicky words? It's a humorous BBC sci-fi show with an evolved cat. It's great!