Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A tarot bag

While at work yesterday, I created this little Tarot card bag:

I designed all of it myself, not liking the patterns I saw online for Tarot bags. It was my first attempt, and I figured out all the stuff that I wanted to change about it as I was working on it. I could have frogged it when I was a bit over half-way through, but it seemed like an awful lot of work for me.

It was made using A-MAIZing corn fiber yarn. Used most of the skein of green, not too much of the white. I like this yarn, but I think it would be more useful in knit patterns. It's light-weight, but works up almost like worsted-weight yarn. It would drape lovely in a knit pattern. Not so much for crochet. (Almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about, eh?)

I'm gifting this bag to Kris. I plan to make more using the same pattern, may try other designs such as Celtic knotwork or a pentacle. I finished it rather quickly (maybe 6 hours total, probably less). I think the next one will be made from cotton, or maybe wool.

Tomorrow is Greg's and my anniversary. 10 years! Woot. Unfortunately, it looks like we might spend it at the hospital with my dad. Yippee.

I need to take a bath and get out of this house for a bit. It was supposedly a beautiful day (wasn't it, Weather Avatar ------->), but I spent it sleeping off the effects of a 36-hour shift. 'Sokay, though. I don't have to go back until Monday. Then, I work Monday and Wednesday and don't go back for a week! 'Cuz I will be CAMPING! With NIPA. And Deb and Suz are coming home to camp with us!!!!! YAY!

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Kris said...

Yay Deb and Suz!!!

Can't wait to see the bag. Thanks!