Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Staying up late....

...finishing this:

It's a tote bag made from the tape from a VHS cassette. Pretty nifty way of recycling the tapes that we have replaced with DVDs, huh? I still need to work out the strap so it's more secured... I sort of did a Frankenstein on it. Here's the pattern I used on it (I used an N-hook):

Chain 30
Round 1: HDC in second chain from hook and in chain across (front loops only). DO NOT TURN.
HDC in free loops along other side of chain. Join to beginning HDC with slip-stitch.
Round 2: Chain 2. HDC in each HDC around. Join with slip stitch.
Repeat until bag measures about 11 inches or so (however big you want the bag).
On next round, HDC in next 27 HDCs (to opposite end of the bag). Chain 40 (or length you want the strap). Join with DC to HDC just before start of new round. Slip stitch into HDC just before that. HDC across chain. Join with DC to bag in HDC next to chain. HDC around remainder of bag. Join with slip stitch to strap. Fasten off.

OK. So this is the first pattern that I have written out. I'm not even sure if I can understand what it says. Like I said, I need to work on the strap. I tacked it on a bit better after I did what I wrote above, it seemed a little flimsy. I want to use this as a grocery bag, so it needs to be sturdier.

If I ever do the Etsy thing, I might include these. They don't take much time (I finished it in one evening after taking it apart multiple times and taking many breaks). And they really don't cost me much except for my time. The tapes were going to get tossed anyway. I'll work on the pattern a bit more before I would actually sell them, though.

Gots to get some sleep now, though. Way past my bedtime! 'Night!

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Scattered Gemini said...

Ha! Well, isn't that clever! I'd have never thought of using that material. Very cool!