Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Got an really big envelope in the mail yesterday! Filled with cool stuff from my Secret Pal Luckdragon Smee. Luckdragon is a kitty who is taking care of the Secret Pal 10 stuff because her (I think it's a her) meowmie is an awfully busy woman!

So, what did I get? Bumper stickers!!! And we all know how much I love bumper stickers. I don't believe that you should see any metal on the back of a vehicle.

Here are the stickers I now have:

And I got a very cute card:

Made me giggle. Thank you, Luckdragon Smee. And thank your meowmie for going and buying the stuff.

I've made a couple more dishcloths. These were made from recycled cotton from Earth Friendly Yarns:

The Granny Square one is a little smaller than the ones I normally make. I am very happy with the waffle-stitch one, though. It worked up pretty quickly once I got the hang of it. And it's very soft and squishy. I have enough yarn to make one more dishcloth out of this skein, and I can probably make another 2 out of the organic cotton that I bought.

I've also bought some sweaters made of cotton yarn at the dollar store. I'm going to try and frog them and see if I can reuse the yarn. I'll let you all know how it works out.

OK, I have housework to do and I need to go grocery shopping. Later, everyone!

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Scattered Gemini said...

Cool new stickers!

Yeah, Deb's decided that we've made enough payments to start putting them on the paint. It's a good thing too, because adding any more to the rear window would be illegal, i think.