Monday, April 09, 2007

More ways to support my habit

It's bad enough that the SP10 blog lists all sorts of yarn-pushers, but I have to stumble upon them on my own as well. I'm in love with an online store. OK, I'm in love with their prices. We'll see how much I love their yarn.

I am probably going to buy some lace-weight yarn for my pal, and possibly a pattern for her as well. I have to wait until payday before I make any big decisions.

Also, I now have internet access at work. So, all of you bloggers have to post more often. I have 24 hours to fill. :-) I guess I could fill that time crocheting or learning more about the knitting process. Especially since the wifi runs like dial-up on my computer.

OK, I'm still feeling like crap. I really think it's this weather. I'm going to take a nap. Later!

1 comment:

Scattered Gemini said...

I'm blogging as much as i can. You just need to find others to read. LOL!! ;)