Sunday, October 15, 2006

SP9 and other stuff

Yeah! Secret Pal 9 has begun! I have been contacted by my spoiler and I have contacted my spoilee! My spoilee is German and my spoiler is from the southern hemisphere. It's rather exciting.

The friend that I have been assigned to has Big Girl Knits listed on her Amazon wishlist. I have been told by some very good friends that this is a good book, so I might get it for her. I wonder if it comes in a German edition. Her English is pretty good, but I know I wouldn't want to follow a pattern book in a foreign language, no matter how fluent I was. I crochet to relax, not give myself a headache (although that happens from time to time as well!).

I'm also thinking of making her a sash/belt/scarf-thingie out of the recycled sari yarn that I have. It would be something cute and quick. But I'm not sure that she would wear something like that. I should ask her what kind of clothes she normally wears.

She also mentioned she likes chocolate, and I would love to send her some. But I feel kind of stupid sending American chocolate to GERMANY. I mean, they are the chocolate gods! Regardless of where chocolate originally came from, the Europeans really know what to do with the stuff. But then, I'm a chocolate snob.

I have the yarn chain letters written, I'm just waiting to get all my addresses together and get them mailed off. The first round of people just has to add their names, make copies, and send it along. They don't have to do any buying! Just receiving! I still need one more address... that is unless a certain kitchen witch doesn't want to play. You know who I'm talking about! :-)

I'm getting caught up on my lap blanket project. I've been a slacker this year, made one. So, I splurged on some Homespun and made 3 blankets this week. I'm also going through some leftovers and crocheting up small granny quares that I might join eventually. I'm great at making the granny squares. Not so great at sewing them together. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate weaving in my ends as well. It's the most tedious part of the whole process and I just hate it. But it must be done! :-)

OK... need to get to sleep. I'm starting the week from hell tomorrow. By next Sunday, I will have worked a total of 96 hours in one week. Yippee!!! I am definitely buying a dishwasher next paycheck! A nice one with lots of options!

G'nite everyone!

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Anonymous said...

oh my...96 hours.. you better take care of yourself...
secret pal