Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

OK... it's a few days into the new year. I've been busy.

I am waiting to post pictures because I need to get pics from the people I gifted the FOs to. Bad, bad hooker. Didn't take before pictures. Coming soon. I promise!

Right now I am working on a very ambitious project. I am making a project tote for the hubby, using this in the pattern. I've already frogged it a half dozen times. I might finish it in the coming year.

I also finally bought Stitch & Bitch. I'm thinking about learning to knit. It makes me feel like a lemming. I'm going to finish a couple of projects that are in the works before attempting a new hobby, though.

And finally, I thought I would share my new year's resolution. I've only made one. I plan on getting my stash organized this year. I'm honestly not even sure how much yarn I have or what kinds. It's getting out of control. KMart has a sale one plastic storage drawers. I'm getting a few this weekend and will start the organization process this weekend (or next).

OK... I have to get to bed. Later, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I just ordered the other "Stitch n Bitch" book.

I've not seen either yet, but for learning to knit, i cannot recommend these two books by Sally Melville, any higher! They are awesome!

The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch

The Knitting Experience: The Purl Stitch


Anonymous said...

The Stitch n Bitch books are good. They will help you learn to knit. Then, after you have converted to the Dark Side, you can come to the Valpo Stitch n Bitch and hang with all of us crazy, crafty ladies!

Polly said...

I have my stashed organized but haven't figured out what I could make that could start using it up.