Sunday, December 10, 2006

So much done

Well, I have found a way to get lots of crocheting done. Spend a weekend on bedrest. So far, I have finished 2 hats and a scarf and I am almost done with another scarf.

I went into the hospital on Friday night with bleeding again. This time it was much heavier. They checked me out, did lab work and another ultrasound. Not a good prognosis. I'm not going to be able to carry the baby. They sent me home because I wasn't bleeding enough to warrant an emergency D&C. I am supposed to spend this weekend on essential bed rest, drink lots of fluids and take it very easy. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow morning to see what he wants to do.

Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and energy my way. I appreciate all the friends I have, both in online and IRL. I'm doing okay right now. A little down, but not extremely depressed.

For now, I'm returning to my spot on the couch to finish that second scarf. I'll get pictures of everything as soon as I can. I would type more right now, but I have a 20 pound cat laying across my arms as I type. He's purring, so I'm pretty sure he's comfortable. I, however, am not.

Take care, everyone!


Anonymous said...

o dearie me...hope you will be ok...will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers...

Anonymous said...

Kele, just keep yourself comfy and well. You are in our thoughts, as always.